We believe access to a quality education, in a safe environment, is a basic human right and are committed to ensuring it is afforded to every child.

Our education projects help children living in poverty access school and expand their life opportunities. We achieve this through three initiatives: Carman’s House Girls Hostel, Built to Bloom and our Sponsorship Program.

Carman’s House Girls Hostel

Carman’s House was opened in 2021 to enable disadvantaged girls from rural areas the opportunity to finish school. The dormitory facility provides a free, safe and well-supported place for 36 girls to live while they attend secondary school.

This is a life-changing opportunity for the selected girls, allowing them to build better lives for themselves and contribute to the health, safety and prosperity of their families and communities.

Built to Bloom

These projects involve constructing and improving education infrastructure and access to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) at extremely needy schools that are not receiving any other assistance. These schools may be structurally unsafe, over-crowded and turning children away, or in unbearable conditions.  Sometimes, no physical school exists, so children have been having lessons under trees.

Sponsorship Program

We are working in partnership with schools in Lasta Woreda, Ethiopia to offer scholarships to support disadvantaged students with exceptional ability to go to school and then on to tertiary studies.