Eshet Amba Primary School

This is a large primary school, that sits high on a plateau and is struck with icy winds. Almost 1,300 children attend Eshet Amba Primary School, completing grades 1- 8. The school previously consisted of ten dark, overcrowded and deteriorating mud classrooms, lacking desks and chairs.

Most children don’t have enough clothing given the harsh weather conditions, some have walked up to two hours to reach the school and many have not eaten that day. Almost all of these children come from families of subsistence farmers. Few of these children’s parents are able to read or write. These families struggle to provide their children with food and clothing, let alone books and pens.

In 2013, we constructed four new classrooms, dramatically improving the learning environment for these children. They now have safe, warm and comfortable classrooms complete with desks and chairs, and an additional 200 children per year are now attending.