Degosach Primary School

Degosach is a highland area on the western slopes of the spectacular Mount Abune Jozef  (4,260m). The villages are located on a ridge that is reached by a rugged cliff-hugging road that is closed in the rainy seasons due to mudslides. The Degosach primary school provides Grades 1 to 8 for almost 800 students.

Over two years (2020-2021), we carried out a huge amount of work to transform this remote school into a complete campus that supports children and teachers in the area to thrive. We built four new classrooms, renovated three existing classrooms, repaired broken pipes to provide safe water on-site and worked with the ONE-WASH National Program to construct new toilets.

Now the school has been repaired, this encourages parents to send their children to school. But because of COVID-19 we must have less students in each classroom. If we did not have these new rooms, so many children would have been turned away.

And the teaching interest has been increased greatly. The teachers have got enthusiasm. The staff now have a social club to share experience over coffee and tea. We are all very proud of our school now.” – Ato Wendemu, Director of Degosach Primary school