Medaghi Primary School

Medaghi is a village located in a valley far below the town of Lalibela, and is inaccessible for months of the year due to impassable river crossings.

The small primary school was struggling to cope with over 600 students across Kindergarten to Grade 8. When there is lack of space in classrooms or poor conditions at schools, girls are the first to miss out and drop out. Incredibly, the Medaghi community spent 7 years trying to build two new classrooms themselves! But in 2019, they could go no further having exhausted their funds and resources, and the classrooms sat unfinished and empty.

In 2020, we completed their two classrooms and subseuently, 186 children who had previously dropped out, returned to school!

Then due to further demand, we constructed another four new classrooms in 2022. The result here is a school where every girl in the community has a place in the classroom.

Our Directors, Georgina & Sophie were thrilled to attend the opening ceremony in 2023 and spend time with the local community.