Zaziya Primary School

Zaziya Primary school was just a small school with two classrooms that offered Grades 1-6 to almost 300 children.  These classrooms were built from mud and stone many years ago and were rapidly worsening, with crumbling walls; dusty mud floors; broken window and door frames and uninsulated tin roofs which caused the rooms to get very hot.

There was also high demand for Grades 7 and 8 in this area, so in 2017 the community started the process of building six more classrooms entirely by their own labour, using local stone and sand. Despite the enthusiasm of the community, they did not have the funds to complete these classrooms.

In 2018, we completed the construction of the six partially constructed classrooms, plus the much-needed maintenance on the existing two classrooms. In addition, we have repaired toilets, provided desks, books and blackboards. There is a nearby spring that has been developed to provide reliable, safe water on-site for the school community.

In 2019, we received a grant from Breaking the Hunger Cycle to establish a school garden at Zaziya Primary school. This initiative seeks to promote the cultivation of fruits and vegetables within the school grounds. It is anticipated the school garden will help local children not only access additional nutritious foods, but also provide them with the opportunity to connect with food production and gain practical agriculture-related skills. So far there is an orchard with mango, papaya and avocado trees as well as a vegetable garden with seasonal varieties.