Shrimzree Primary School

Shrimzree was a ‘tree school’, located deep into a mountainous area, which had no actual buildings or classrooms, but instead classes were taught under trees. Children faced the elements everyday whilst trying to learn… wind; rain; sun; animals! Plus with no desks, no proper seats (just stones), and limited shade, unsurprisingly, attendance rates were poor.

And now… A wonderful new school! Four new classrooms, with desks, books and blackboards, as well a staff office.

This was a huge task as there is no road access, you can only reach the school on foot (we used donkeys to carry in the building materials!). The new school has led to more children enrolling and more classes being offered.

This success of this project is a testament to the dedication of the local community and our team in Ethiopia to ensure all children are able to school regardless of where the live.