Segno Gebeya Primary School

Segno Gebeya is a rapidly growing township outside of Lalibela, Ethiopia. In late 2015, the tiny primary school was blown away by strong winds and totally destroyed.  Grade 1-3 classes had to be taught outside under trees or in small mud huts. All other classes were unable to be offered. Many of these students discontinued their schooling or had to walk to one of the two nearest primary schools, both about 1½ hours each way over mountainous terrain.

This project involved constructing a new primary school in Segno Gebeya. Over two years we built eight classrooms, toilets and staff offices. We have also provided desks, blackboards, books and school supplies.

This school also has a water tank that captures rain water runoff from the roof, providing students with on-site access to clean water for drinking and handwashing. A school garden has been established, with students involved in caring for almost 400 native plants, including fruit trees.

Segno Gebeya Primary School officially reopened in September 2017 and currently offers all stages of primary education from Grade 1 to 8 for over 350 students.

” In the past, from where I live to the next school, it is very far and I was very tired and not on time into the compound. And my result was not good. But now, no more distance. I feel like I am studying at home. Thank you very much.” – Teshala Mola, Grade 5 student