Segno Gebeya Primary School

Segno Gebeya is a small town in the highlands in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It has only ever had a tiny school, catering for Grades 1 – 4.  In late 2015 the school was blown away one night by a strong wind and is totally destroyed.  As a result, Grade 1 – 3 classes were taught outside under trees or in small mud huts. Grade 4 was been unable to be offered so many of these students discontinued their schooling or had to walk to one of the two nearest primary schools, both about 1½ hours each way over mountainous terrain.

This project involved constructing a new primary school in Segno Gebeya, consisting of one block of four classrooms, desks and toilets. The construction of four proper classrooms has allowed Segno Gebeya Primary School to officially reopen in September 2017 and offers primary stages of education from Grade 1 to 4 on a shift system for almost 350 students.

This school now has a water tank that captures rain water off the classrooms providing students with on-site access to clean water for drinking and handwashing. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools is integral to the well-being of children and their right to quality education.

But what happens after Grade 4?

The children who finish Grade 4 now again face the 1.5 hour walk up the mountain to access Grade 5 and beyond. Some go, but many don’t. So, we have now committed to building an additional four classrooms that will allow children to complete Grades 5-8 at Segno Gebeya. Stay tuned!