Welcome to our new website (and why did we change our name?)

School’s A Gift was established because our founders, Georgina & Sophie, believe that every child has the right to education, even those who live in remote villages, deep in the central highlands of Ethiopia. We’ve been working where no one else was willing to go, where children live without the most basic life needs and have little or no access to school.

Our focus has been on assisting children to start school and remain in school, because we believe education is the key to alleviating poverty. But it’s not as simple as just building schools, it takes a holistic approach to support resilient communities and empower women and girls into the future. 

At the heart of our work has always been the involvement of the local people in Ethiopia, from villagers to local government leaders, in deciding where and how we do our work. By developing these relationships and working in partnership with communities, we can understand their greatest needs and priorities. This means in different communities we may focus on education, clean water or health care projects, and this way we can create the deepest impact in each community.

We hope that our new name, Create Impact, better represents our mission and the work we are doing to support communities to prosper and children to thrive.  

So what’s next? This year we are building the Aydafer Health Post, a new clinic that will provide the only access to primary health care for over 8,000 rural people. This service will provide lifesaving medical care to this vulnerable community. Without access to health care, women are unable to give birth safely; babies are unable to access immunisations and children are unable to receive treatment for preventable diseases.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation towards this project and help us raise the $15,000 we need!