Aydafer Health Post

The Aydafer Health Post will provide the only access to health care for over 8,000 rural people. This service will provide life-saving primary medical care to this vulnerable community.

Without access to health care, women are unable to give birth safely; babies are unable to access immunizations; children are unable to receive treatment for preventable diseases and couples cannot access family planning services.

For most people living in rural areas of Ethiopia, their only access to health care is via a local Health Post, which are staffed by local, female Health Extension Workers. Health Posts are an essential hub of health activity, with Health Extension Workers providing immunisations, family planning and birth control, assessing and treating malnutrition, dispensing medication, disease testing, health education and promotion, referrals to Hospitals and a safe place for women to give birth.

In 2019 we will begin construction of the Aydafer Health Post, a new clinic that will make a lasting impact on the long-term health of this community.